5 Reasons You Should Take Your Senior Pictures in Studio

Wow. Can you believe you’re  thinking about getting your senior pictures done? That’s crazy, right? And if you’re thinking about that, you may be trying to decide whether you should shoot at an outdoor location or in a photography studio.  Let me give you a few good reasons to shoot your senior pictures in a studio.

If you schedule an outdoor session, especially in the Spring or Fall you’re going to have to consider the weather. You only have so many good days to do this and if your session gets canceled due to the weather, you’re going to have to re-schedule.  That’s not so great for you or the photographer. Most photographers will try to work with you, but if they are really busy it might be a problem.

Wardrobe Changes
If you’re shooting your senior photos at an outdoor location, your options for wardrobe changes are kind of limited. In the studio, there’s always a place where you can change comfortably in complete privacy. It’s not fun to have to change clothes in a public restroom or in the back of your car.

Let’s be honest. Dallas gets pretty hot. And then it gets pretty cold. It seems like there’s a lot of in-between. It’s nice to have a comfort-controlled room that’s purpose-built for shooting pictures. And there’s always  a great spot for your parents, or friends or whomever else you want to bring with you to your session. Comfort is good!

This one is kind of hard to explain, but when you walk into a dedicated photo studio that’s equipped with multiple background textures and great furniture, it’s so easy to get into the process and have fun. You can play whatever music you want and get a great vibe going for your session.  It’s just a lot of fun.

This is probably the biggest reason of all and kind of incorporates all the others. It’s nice to have a dedicated space that’s reserved for your session and only your session.  I remember going to Downtown McKinney once. Now that’s a great place to shoot and it’s a lot of fun. There are a number of great spots to shoot there.  But on this particular weekend they had scheduled a big art festival that took up the entire downtown area. It was a great festival, but there was no way to shoot there that day. It was a huge bummer. If I had scheduled a studio that day, it wouldn’t have been an issue.
You’ve also got complete control of the lighting, the backgrounds and everything else when you’re in studio. No one walks through your background when you’re shooting in studio.

Let’s wrap this up. There are many great locations around Dallas to shoot your senior pictures. And on a good day, any of them can be good. But on the wrong day, you may end up wishing you were in a nice dry, comfort-controlled studio where you can change in privacy and chill with your friends. It’s pretty nice.
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