What kind of photographer are you?
I’m a lifestyle portrait photographer. That means I photograph people in a way that looks natural and unposed.  I typically use natural light outdoors but can bring lighting and shoot indoor as well. 

Where will my shoot take place?
Wherever you would like as long as we have permission to be there. After you book your session we will talk through all the options. I have some suggestions but if you have a spot you want to use I’m open to just about anything. 

How long will my session take?
Quick. Most sessions take about an hour to complete.

What will my shoot be like?
Fun! This is nothing to be stressed about. It’s my job to make sure that everyone involved has an enjoyable experience. We will meet at the agreed upon time and place and I’ll already be set up before you get there.  Then we will take the photos. It’s really easy and fun.

Do you photograph newborns?
Yes, but I don’t put them in flower pots or cute costumes. I photograph them the same way I do anyone else - in a way that looks natural and unposed.

What should I wear?
Whatever you want. Really. Wear something you like and enjoy. For groups I would suggest against wearing matching outfits. Go for complimentary colors and styles instead. That works really great. 

Are you booked up right now?
I’ve currently got some open dates on my calendar.  Contact me and let’s find a date that works best for both of us.
What happens after my shoot?
After the shoot is done, your photos will be edited and prepared for your online portfolio. Within 30 days I will meet with you to show you the photos and discuss all your options for printing - wall art, albums, etc. 
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