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Andrew is a professional in the energy sector who contacted me about updating his headshots. He has a fantastic office location overlooking the High 5 in North Dallas.

I believe that every photo should tell a story, and Andrew wanted to communicate his professional status and his carefree nature.  That’s an important part of the entire process with corporate headshots – finding ways to communicate a lot of information indirectly through clothing, background, and lighting. Here’s how we did it in this case…

When I got to the location, we looked at a variety of different spots around his company’s offices, and found that the view outside his window was the one we liked the best. His upper floor office overlooking one of the most well-traveled roadways in Texas, communicated Andrew’s status in his career. By keeping his wardrobe professional, but relaxed, we  were able to communicate Andrew’s open and friendly personality. 

It probably seems like there isn’t much going on with a simple headshot, but when done correctly, you can communicate quite a lot with your social media profile or professional headshot. It just takes a little thought and planning to go from a bland headshot to something that takes your profile to a new level.

If you’re ready for that sort of upgrade to your LinkedIn profile photo or corporate headshot, let me know. I’d be glad to help you.

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