Dallas Actor’s Headshots

Dallas Headshot Photographer

Actor’s headshots are so much fun to do. Actor’s are generally a fun bunch of people to work with and so it’s pretty cool to work with them. 

Most of the actor’s I work with are primarily theater actors. They need headshots for auditions and sometimes for publicity purposes. They generally want to have a few different looks and I can easily accommodate that. We normally spend about an hour or so together, and work on different types of shots for different types of roles.  We also leave time for wardrobe changes and background changes. And if the weather is cooperating, we’ll spend some time outside getting environmental portraits as well. It’s all about the needs of the person. 

I also work directly with theaters in some instances – shooting an entire cast or just whoever needs an updated headshot. This is a great way to keep costs low for the individual actors without sacrificing quality.  If you’re part of a theater group, or an individual needing updated headshots, let me know. I’d love to help you out.

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