Best Dallas Senior Photo Locations – Downtown Plano

Downtown Plano has become one of my favorite places in Dallas to shoot senior portraits. It’s got a lot going for it – green spaces, trees, bridges, a DART rail station, an outdoor concert stage, and tons of great old architectural elements. Almost anything you could ask for, it’s got.When I’m looking for new places to shoot, I’m always looking for locations that give me lots of options and Downtown Plano definitely has that.

Senior Photo on the stage in Downtown Plano
A Senior Photo at Haggard Park in Downtown Plano.
A senior portrait on one of the park benches in Downtown Plano

When I’m shooting a senior session in Downtown Plano, I usually start at Haggard Park. There’s a great little pond with a bridge and a lot of green space.

After we’re done at the park, I move on over to the alley behind the train station. There are a number of great walls, textures and colors there.  Concrete, brick and metal everywhere. So many great backgrounds.

I almost always hit the stage after that – especially if my subject is a musician. They love getting up on that stage and the results are so great.

If you like urban textures and green spaces, Downtown Plano is a great place to shoot a senior photo session.

For more inspiration, check out my Dallas Senior Portrait page. There’s a lot of great information there including my full process.

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